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Fitness Classic 3/4 Leggings

Fitness Classic 3/4 Leggings


$20.99 USD $49.00 USD

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

Material : 86% Polyester + 14% Spandex

Gender : Men

Item Type : Men's Leggings

Compression Level : Medium Impact

Suitable Seasons : Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter

Sports of Application : Fitness, Running, Yoga,Pilates, Track&Field, Triathlon, Boxing, Cheerleading, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer & Football, Tennis, Volleyball

Not satisfied,Can only stay in the existing realm
Not give up,Struggling to pursue farther end-point
Not confused,Even if the road has ups and downs, do not change direction First, Continuous warmth,keep warm & excellent drying and perspiring effect.Second, extreme compression and super flexibility,accelerate to wake up and warm up your body quickly
Keep warm,Grinding crafts enhance the clothes comfort and warmth, lock temperature effectively in the clothes to better deal with the cold invasion and reduce the adverse effects of nature on athletes
Quick drying and lock temperature.Excellent one-way perspiration and quick-drying function make you not worry about  the cold sweat of sports in the cold winter to effectively prevent temperature loss and reduce the risk of cold.Warm polyester and spandex fabrics,Extraordinary perspiration speed
Accelerated warm-up, prevent muscle strain,Lycra fabric warp tightly, uniform pressure.Stimulate blood circulation, increase muscle oxygen content, quickly wake up body vitality. Accelerate muscle warming to prevent the muscles from being damaged by cold stiffness.Pressurized reasonably,Muscle warming up quickly
Collect strength,High elastic fabric lock muscle, inhibit ineffective quiver of muscle,reduce physical loss.  Let muscle force in the specified trajectory through muscle pressure and make body strength more agglomeration, more explosive.Maintain physical fitness in autumn and winter,Improve body sensitivity

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