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Dual-Layer Leggings with Pure black Color Shorts

Dual-Layer Leggings with Pure Color Shorts


$26.99 USD $49.00 USD

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

Material : 86% Polyester + 14% Spandex

Gender : Women

Item Type :Leggings

Compression Level : medium Impact

Suitable Seasons : Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter

Sports of Application : Fitness, Running, Yoga,Pilates, Track&Field, Triathlon, Boxing, Cheerleading, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer & Football, Tennis, Volleyball


Dimensional tailoring

Buttocks segmentation in arc-shaped to elongate the overall proportion, makes long legs buttocks easier

Dual-layer design

Hooded short pants and legging dual layer design to avoid stack wear

Technology fabrics

Polyamine high elastic fabric with quick-drying characteristics, one-way perspiration to create superior perspiration moisture absorption effect and get away from sticky, keep body comfortable

Wide waist elastic band design to make waist comfortable and to be thin

Use four-pin six-wire weaving stitching to reduce body friction

Use 14% spandex high elastic fabric, firm and tough to resist strong tear. warm and comfortable feeling.

Do you have these troubles during workout ?

Have you ever felt the heat and uncomfort caused by the bad ventilation of cloth during your workout ?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the sweat spread here and there during your workout, especially when you wear cotton shirt ?

Have you ever feared of the post-exercise injury because of the warm-up deficit ?

Have you ever had a serious muscle soreness after exercise every time?

Why you need our compression clothes ?

Magical Ventilation

86% of Polyester material offer you magical ventilation which make you won’t afraid of doing workouts in hot summer!

Quick Dry

Our unique perspiration technique can dissipate your sweat onto the surface of cloth. You can abandon your cotton-made clothes now!

Muscle Support - Warm Up Fast

14% Spandex material make the suit has good compression function that can accelerate your blood circulation. You can warm your body up only in 1/3 time than before. Accelerate your muscle’s reaction to later training and reduce the possibility of injury during your workout!

Less Soreness After Exercise

During your workout, our cloth can offering your muscle with focused support and stability by covering your muscle crowd. It reduce vibration during workout and give less soreness after exercise.

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