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Classic Men's Gym Clothing Short Sleeve Compression Shirts

Classic Short Sleeve Compression Shirts


$23.99 USD $49.00 USD

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

Material : 84% Polyester + 16% Spandex

Gender : Men

Item Type : Men's Short Sleeve Shirts

Compression Level : High Impact

Suitable Seasons : Spring,Summer,Autumn

Sports of Application : Fitness, Running, Yoga,Pilates, Track&Field, Triathlon, Boxing, Cheerleading, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer & Football, Tennis, Volleyball

If there is no sports tights.Hot and allergic!Wasted physical strength!Muscle injure! Fat is out of control!Imperfect sports performance, it is better to be the spectator!Refused to be unprofessional.Most of the sports enthusiasts are lack of a professional tight sports equipment
Sports need to cherish yourself.Do not hurt and bear the pain
You need to have a professional sports tights.Professional equipments make you more extraordinary.Fitness necessary ,Breathable, quick drying,Athlete,Fashion people,Professional equipment
You have perseverance
Classic color is for extraordinary.Breathing is my instinct
Release your energy,Pure man, Pure charm
Decrypted 1st : Tight principle,Why can significantly reduce the vibration and maintain the sport comfort?Decrypted 2nd:Breathable principle.Why have excellent heat dissipation performance?ecrypted 3rd: Detail analysis.Why our equipment is excellent?
Quick recover, improve sports endurance,Promote limb venous return,Improve the body's energy supply.Tights fit evenly on muscle tissue, make blood flow to heart quickly, take away waste from the body's metabolism.Speed up blood flow,Promote blood circulation
Lock muscles,Cohesive force.Limit the scope of muscle shock, gather strength and break out.Enhance the athletes’ power, speed and endurance. Not easily strain, sprain and cramp.Tights lock each block muscle group
High-flexible and smooth fabric, Comfortable and anti-scratch.Do not want to be hit down, you must be armed with helmet armor
Four needle six thread sewing processing technology.Smooth interface, durable wear. No skin friction, close to skin
Silicone collar&Water washed label.Imported dyestuff, EU standard.EU testing standard, high solid color, not fade

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