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Small Meals Eating

Is the Small Meals Eating Method Appropriate for You? 

As long as we search for fat loss methods on the Internet, we are bound to see a principle, "Eat small meals". But does the golden principle really fit for all crowds?

By reading this article, you can get information as follows:

1. Can Eating Small Meals  Increase The Consumption of Energy?

2. Can Eating Small Meals Improve Metabolism?

3.  Can Eating Small Meals Reduce Appetite?

4. Why Do Professional Fitness Men or Women Eat Small Meals?

5. How Many Meals a Day ?

When we talk about weight loss diet, most people will relate it to the word, “suffering.”. But there is a golden principle in their heart – eat small meals. It seems like a liberator to everyone even if they are lazy and greedy. 

Yes, although we just ate a little in a meal, but taking our next meal very soon, and eating some healthy fitness snacks won’t make us gain fat, right? What’s more, it can improve our metabolism. All those advantages can make us reduce our sense of guilt , why not persist in it? 

And we can also see many fitness men or women eat a lot during their training period.

Once upon a time, many people were crazy in such a golden principle, the reason is “Eating small meals means you can eat and consume your energy at the same time, and such a high frequency eating method can maintain the constant work of  digestive system, which in turn can improve metabolism, control insulin secretion, reduce the sense of hunger and lose fat more effectively.

But today, I want to tell you guys a truth:

To most people, eating small meals may not do good to weight loss and body shaping; on the contrary, it can make you feel hungry quicker and eat more, which can make your training in vain. 

01. Can Eating Small Meals Increase The Consumption of Energy? 

First of all, let us analyze the plausible thought, “Eating food can consume energies, so eating more equals to consuming more energy.” 

Yes, to digest food definitely needs the energy consumption (account for 10%-15% of the calories in food you take), this is called TEF (Thermic Effect of Food). But!!!

Thus, when you eat the same amount of food at  time or many times, the total consumption of energy won’t change. Research that shows that eating small meals equals to more energy consumption is false.

02. Can Eating Small Meals Improve Metabolism?

This may be the most reliable advantage of eating small meals.
But, in 2010, the scholar, Jameason.D, had made correlational study, the result shows that there is no difference between fat crowd who eat small meals and those who eat three meals. 

Thus, if you don’t reduce the calories you take in, you won’t lose your fat actually.

03. Can Eating Small Meals Reduce Appetite?

There was an experiment which testified that “ higher frequency of food in-take will make people feel hungry more easily , especially after exercise.” 

04. Why Do Professional Fitness Men or Women Eat Small Meals?

Why so many famous fitness men or women often eat small meals, so do the athletes.

This is because many people just see heir in-take, but don’t know their metabolism. Their energy consumption is always beyond most people, too. That’s why they eat small meals to reduce the burden on their digest system.

People who aims to lose their fat are bound to reduce the energy in-take than for their achievement.

People may ask “Does the small meals eating really not work at all? Absolutely not, it is suitable for the crowds as follows:

<1>People who want to build muscle
<2>People with small appetite
<3> Hypoglycemic

05. How Many Meals a Day?

To the crowd who aims to keep their figure, they can eat according to their own frequency, you can choose to eat three meals a day, six times a day or even one meal a day, they can also choose to eat some snacks before their body training. The key point is to control your energy in-take.

To sum up, the real healthy small meals eating means you should not eat too fully every time, and try to eat diverse foods as possible as you can, like protein, vegetables, fruits, etc. 

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