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High Fat Diet

Want to Eat Fat And Get Thin? Let’s Take a High Fat Diet !

I strongly believe that most people, especially those who care about their weight, should avoid “fat” as possible as they can. To further elucidate on this, I’m going to break the prejudice of fat!

By reading this article, you can get information as follows:

  • The Importance of Fat Absolutely Beyond Your Imagination.
  • What Kind of Fat Should We Avoid?
  • It is No Problem to Eat Those Fats
  • Those high fat diets that make you get thin!

Actually, fat, is a very thorny problem to most people. Because it is the “chief culprit” to make us become fat. But, in order to survive, we have to eat fat, right?

Thus, looking at most of the recipes for fitness men or women, we would find that every excellent body builder will eat fat in every meal.


So, you have to eat fat, but how can we eat fat and get thin? This is today’s topic for all of us.

The Importance of Fat Absolutely Beyond Your Imagination

Because 1g fat can offer you 9 Cals energy, the double of protein and carbs. If you keep away from fat, the perfect body shaping would keep away from you, too. Want to know what fat is? Let’s count for the functions of fat.

<1>Fat is the component of cell

The lack of fat would obstruct the recovery of old cells and generating of new cells. Thus, it’s very harmful to your health. What’s more, your metabolism would be influenced, too.

<2> Fat is the source of hormone

If you want to sleep, you need melatonin; if you want to be happy, you need endorphins; if you want to suppress your appetite, you need the leptin…All those hormones’ ingredient is fat. Thus, the lack of fat would make you become ugly, unhappy and listless.

It's necessary to take in some fat for owing such a cool figure

<3> The Absorption of Nutrient Need Fat

For example, you hate fat, but you do not hate vitamin A,B,C,D,E, right? But do you know that if your body wants to absorb VC, the fat is the medium of it. The lack of fat would cause the lack of VC. I believe that most people know sepsis!

<4> Fat is the Guard of Liver

Have you ever heard some cases where fat people survived from fierce impact because of their high fat coverages? It means that fat can protect the liver.

In a word, fat is necessary to us, we must take it every day either for your health or for your body building.

What Kind of Fat Should We Avoid?

In general, we would classify fat into two types:

One is clean fat, while the other one is dirty fat.

We can become thin and live longer by eating clean fat. But, if we eat dirty fat, we are bound to get fat.

What’s more, most times, the fat we take in are dirty fat as above !

There is a kind of fat called saturated fatty acid; what would happen if we eat this kind of fat? It’s very horrible as it leads to an increase in cholesterol , cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc.

For people who want to lose weight, this kind of fat is very stubborn because of its stable formation, which means it won’t be oxidized very soon, and would stay in your body for a long time.

So, how can you distinguish the saturated and unsaturated fats ?

It’s so simple; most fat from land animals is saturated fat, like butter, fat meat, livers of animals, etc.

How about Snowflake beef and Milk ?

Though they contain most of saturated fats, but the nutrient in milk and beef can be more than the harm that its saturated fatty acid brings about. So, in general, they are healthy to our health.


Another dirty fat which is very harmful is called “trans fatty acid.” Its harm can be tenfold as the animal fat. Do you know where it exists most frequently? - In margarine, cocoa butter replacers and refined vegetable oil.

In other word, it exists in various processed snacks.

It is No Problem to Eat Those Fats

Avocado is one of the typical healthy fat

There is another fat called “unsaturated fatty acid,” which is opposite to “saturated fatty acid.” Its formation isn’t stable, which means it can be burned quicker!

Most of this kind of clean fat come from plants like olive oil, coconut oil, fruits, etc.

There is also another good fat called omega-3. This kind of fat cannot only protect your joints, but also helps you to lose weight

So, where is it? The answer is nuts and abyssal fish.

Those high fat diets make you get thin!

Eggs + Milk

Avocado is an excellent source of clean fat; it would be more delicious when matched with whole wheat bread!

Eating a handful of nuts during meals cannot only provide you with daily nutrient need, but also is beneficial to your weight loss!

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