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What You Really Lost ? Fat or Weight? You Need a Body Fat Caliper

What You Really Lost ? Fat or Weight? You Need a Body Fat Caliper

Nearly everyone care about their weight a lot. But most times, they can’t judge if they lose the fat. Today, we will offer you a cheap implement to judge it.

By reading this article, you can get information as follows:

1. The Body Fat Scale

2 Factors that influence the accuracy of fat loss:

  • The increasing of muscle can disturb the change of weight
  • The change in water level in the body can influence weight

2. Body Fat Caliper

  • What is it
  • How to use it

3. The Body Fat Caliper Charts

  • For Men
  • For Women


The most common way for us to monitor weight loss effectiveness is to weigh ourselves.

But this method had brought about a series of problems.

Many people found that even if their weights do not reduce, they still look slimmer. Thus, they don’t know whether they should keep on doing exercises or change the way to exercise? That’s a big problem

Use Body Fat Scale to Measure

The body fat scale: most intuitive, but can easily be influenced by many factors. It is not the best choice.

1. The increasing of muscle can disturb the change of weight

The principle in this phenomenon is so easy. If you arrange strength training in your exercises, which would lead to the increasing of muscle content in your body, it can replace the loss of weight.

Thus, in such a position, your weight seems not reduced, but actually you successfully lose your fat and achieve the goal for fat loss & muscle building.

2. The change in water level in the body can influence weight

In this position, even though the influence of weight change is not obvious, this is a good situation. The increase in water in the body counteracts the loss of weight. This proves the reduction of fat and increase in muscle glycogen, which can be instrumental in enhancing your performance.

Muscle glycogen is the sugar stored in muscle. Coordination of correct diet and workout methods can cause muscle glycogen to increase. It would carry triple amount of water, thus, the increase in muscle glycogen results in the increase in water, then the weight.

So, people who do not do exercise often and especially eat low carb diet would have low muscle glycogen. When they begin to do exercises and eat high carb diet, their muscle glycogen would soar quickly. All those factors will make the weight increase.

To sum up, weight isn’t the best standard to measure weight loss effectiveness. What’s the better standard?

I recommend an implement-body fat caliper.

Body Fat Caliper: the Best Body Fat Monitor of Weight Loss Effectiveness.

This implement is very cheap and can easily be bought on the Internet. There are two versions: mechanical version & electronic version.

What is Body Fat Caliper ?

Some people may know it, while some people may be hearing about this implement for the first time. Simply put, the body fat caliper is a tool to measure the thickness of subcutaneous fat directly and accurately. It can be used as a body fat analyzer. The goal of weight loss is to burn fat rather than reduce weight. Weight loss is easy because as long as you get a sauna, you can reduce it, but we all know it’s meaningless.

Some people would look slimmer without weight change. At that time, they should use the body fat caliper. If you have used the body fat caliper before, things would get much easier because you only need to compare the record, then you can get the result instantly.

In other words, if we use wrong methods to lose weight, even if our weight had reduced, it doesn’t mean that the fat in our body reduced because it might probably be water or muscle. This is harmful to our health. What’s more, your fat loss plans would be harder than before.

Thus, now you need a body fat caliper. If you find out that your weight decreased very quickly, but the loss of subcutaneous fat isn’t obvious, you’re probably in the position as the one mentioned above.

Sure, there are people who think their fat in internal organ may lose. But, unless for aging people, the relation of internal organ fat and subcutaneous fat are very close. That means as long as the fat in internal organ decrease, the subcutaneous fat would decrease very obviously.

Another attention is that the body fat caliper can be used to measure BFR (Body Fat Ratio), and if you can make good use of it, the data would be accurate enough. But, it needs very careful measurements, which include calibration of instrument, specular measurement on specific part, suitable calculation formula.

To the ordinary dieters, they just need to know they lose fat, that’s enough. So, the body fat caliper is very easy for them to use.

How to Use a Body Fat Caliper

Look at the picture as follows:

There are just 2 steps;

Step1: Pinch the part you want to measure

Step2: Pick up the part you pinch

By the 2 steps above, you can get the data.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you should measure the same part of your body every time because different part has different fat thickness. What’s more, do not pinch your body too hard.


Because if you use different strength on your measurement, your data would be inaccurate.

Let me tell you how to use the body fat caliper by specific example: Miss A wants to lose weight and especially care about the fat change in her legs. So, before she carries out her weight loss plan, she should buy a body fat caliper first. Then she should measure the fat thickness around her anterior thigh. She should stand up and find a fixed part such as the middle of her thigh. Then pinch that part by body fat caliper, if the instrument shows that the data is 5cm, write down the record and time. After carrying out the weight loss plan for a month, she should pinch the same part again, if the instrument shows that the data is 3cm, Congratulations! Her desire to lose fat has been successful!

Body Fat Caliper Charts

For Men

For Women

1. Obtain your body fat measurement in millimeters using the Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper

2. Find where the column with your millimeter reading intersects with the row with your age range.

3. The number at this intersection is your body fat percentage

Note: For measurements over 36mm, add .25% for every millimeter pinched above 36mm

It is so easy to operate. Despite your weight change, you only get slimmer if you lose subcutaneous fat. 

But some people may ask: Why not measure it in the gym directly? How can a cheap implement be equal to an expensive instrument? Like the omron fat loss monitor.

Actually, in many times, cheap things can play important positions in our life.

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