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Best Time to Workout

How to Choose the Best Time to Exercise for Maximize Your Fitness Effectiveness?

When we want to do an exercise, we often wonder about whether our exercise time is correct and effective. Thus, what is the best time to do workout?

By reading this article, you can get information as follows:

1. What is Your Fitness Goals ?
 <1>I Want to Lose Weight
 <2>I Want to Build Muscle
2. Features on Different Exercise Time
 <2>Best Muscle Building Time:15:30 - 17:30
 <3>Suggestions for Office Workers
 <4>A Surprise before 22:00

Some people like running in the morning, while some  like doing some exercise in the afternoon, and even more do their training after their work or classes. We must admit that  doing exercises at any convenient time is definitely better than not doing it at all. But there is a problem that perplexes people frequently: What is the best exercise time?

This is a problem worth discussing. Some people reflect that the wrong exercise makes them unable to see the effectiveness of fitness completely! Meanwhile, some people can see their body shaping change quickly because they choose the correct time! We can’t answer a question like “When is the best time to workout ?”, We can just understand our needs for fitness.

What’s Your Fitness Goals?

Actually, there is no fitness standard or fitness principle that can apply to everyone like a panacea. If you do not know your aims for fitness, it’s very difficult to distinguish which thing is beneficial to you and which one is not.

I Want to Lose Weight

It must be the aim of most people who do aerobics, right? If you want to lose weight, the workout is necessary. But what time is the best time for exercise? We can analyze “the real healthy workout methods” first. 

•    Burn your fat by engaging in long time aerobics.
•    It is beneficial to burn your fat and improve the metabolism 
•    Store your muscle as possible as you can

 I Want to Build Muscle

Of course, the iron lift is also one of those workouts! Most fitness people go to the gym after work. But actually, this is just a time that is “not bad.”. There is a perfect time for iron lift, but  first, we should know your aims for it.

•    Build your muscle by engaging in over-burden training
•    Avoid things that can cause muscle loss as possible as you can
•    Need surplus of nutrient to increase energy level
•    Enhance the hormone content in your muscle as possible as you can, reduce the cortisol, meanwhile.

Features on Different Exercise Time?

After analyzing the aims of exercises, we need to know the changes in our bodies at exercises, we need to know the changes in our bodies at different times.

1.Best extrme weight loss time: morning

When we wake in the morning, our bodies are in a hungry situation. The one night had consumed most of the energy stored in our body. Thus, we need to eat breakfast to take the level of energy back to the normal level.

In addition, after one night’s supplement, the “good hormone” in our body can get sufficient development, but meanwhile, the “bad hormone” in our body, which can make us feel tired easily, would increase, too.

So, whether doing exercise in the morning do good to our health or not? If we answer for it quickly, we would go back to the pit of ignoring the aims. In fact, doing exercises in the morning is suitable for:
Extreme Fat Loss

If we want to lose fat, we should improve our metabolism at the same time beside the workout. The study shows that doing exercises in the morning can improve the metabolism. Doing exercises in the morning can truly lose your fat.

But, we can’t ignore thea fact that our energy level is very low in the morning. If you do exercise with an empty stomach in the morning, you are liable to consume more muscle. Of course, all weight loss exercises can consume the muscle;, if you do not care about the consumption of your muscle, you can do exercises in the morning.


✔This is a perfect time for you if you do not care about the consumption of muscle

✔If your liver is healthy enough, you can do such an extreme fat loss exercise, but if it is not healthy enough, stop doing exercises in the morning at once, please!

✘ If you are at the period of muscle building, do not do any form of exercise in the morning.

2. Best Muscle Building Time, 15:30 - 17:30

The study shows that the best reaction time of people is 15:30-16:30. The highest natural temperature of people is at 16:00. The strongest muscle power time is 16:30. What’s more, the best performance of cardiovascular is at 17:00.

So many “best, highest”’ here, make this time become the best muscle building time. First, the ability of reaction combined with body temperature can prevent us from injuries. Then, the effectiveness of muscle power can make your training more effective.


✔Do iron lift crazily!
✘Your body needs the energy after such a long interval from lunch. You’d better eat some carbs like one- two pieces of bread.


3.  Best Exercises Time Recommend to Office Workers, 18:00-20:00

In addition, to most of office workers, the spare time at 18:00-20:00 is very common. There are two major advantages of this time. One is that the cortisol content at this time can be very low; another is that the synthetic efficiency of muscle can be higher than other times.

What is cortisol? It is a very bad hormone that can make you feel tired quickly.

Conclusion: 18:00 - 20:00 is a very good interval for you to do workout. You can improve your work effectiveness to avoid the overtime work. Then you would have enough time to go to the gym.

4. A Surprise avoid your muscle loss time, before 22:00

If you can’t squeeze time even at 20:00, there is only a choice for you-training at night. Do not feel depressed, because it’s not a bad time. At night, the air pollution is low. What’s more, the high energy level at night can avoid your muscle loss effectively.

✔If you want to maintain your muscle after running, please, do it at night. 
✘22:00 is not a good time because you may be too excited after your exercise and lose your sleep!
✘Running half an hour after your dinner

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