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6 Burpee Workouts for You to Lose Fat Quickly!

6 Burpee Workouts for You to Lose Fat Quickly!

Do you want to lose your fat quickly? Let ’s try for the magical workout -Burpee! The simple and convenient style can really save your time and money!

By reading this article, you can get information as follows:

1.How to Accomplish Standard Burpee?

2.What Is Burpee Benefits?

3.5 Variants of Burpee

4. Notes of Burpee

Want to lose your fat quickly? There’s a kind of workout can meet with your needs.

You needn’t to buy any equipment or go to the gym to do this kind of workout. All you need is your hands! What’s more, your fat would keep burning for a long time after you finish it.

It is Burpee!

1. How to Accomplish Standard Burpee?


The Burpee is also called “Push-up Jumping”, this name can describe its basic movement.

1. Stand, feet shoulder width apart, then squat and out your hands on the ground;

2. Support your upper body by your hands and your lower limbs by your feet

3. Bend your arms and do a push-up;

4. Jump back on the ground;

5. Clap your hands when you stand on the ground again.

You can try one movement first to relax your body. If you feel good, then try it again until you become pant.

Then, take a break for 30s! Do the movement again until you feel really tired and you can take a break foe 30s again. Just repeat this burpee workout.

During the process, you may feel that you’re about to die because of the high intensity.

2. What Are Burpee Benefits ?

There is a wide-spread picture on the Internet as follows:

The intersection of life and death is Burpee!

Burpee’s intensity is much higher than traditional workout.

This intensity is not refer to the time, it stands for how tired you will be after the workout. For example, when you walk you just need patience to finish it even though it would take long time to do it. The sprint running may just need you spend little time on it but it will make you feel very tired and can’t stop panting after finish it.

“No pain, no gains.” After doing high intensity workout, your body can benefit a lot from the “after-burning effect”.

It means even if you just sit or even sleep on your bed, the fat in your body is still burning!

But do not forget the proverb “Catch the bear before you sell the skin”. It’s far from enough to do 20 Burpee exercises. But if we really can’t do it, we can adjust our plans:

1. Beginners: Do not do a lot at one time

2. Secondary level: If you have the basis for workout, you can do more groups.


3. 5 Variants of Burpee

<1> Simplified Burpees

Many girls said they couldn’t do the push-up, so the simplified version can enable them to do it!

<2> Lunge Burpees

If you couldn’t jump, no problem, we can use the lunge to replace it!

But attention to keep your shoulders stable, don’t shake your body.

<3> Burpee Jumping Jacks

If you have some basis of workout, you can try this version

<4> Climbing Burpee

Use your quickest speed to finish 5 times climbing, then tighten up your abdomen.

<5> Turn-back Burpees

You can make use of the explosive power to turn back and squat until you on the ground.

Burpee can train all your body parts, what’s more, you can do it without equipment. It’s so cheap and convenient for most of people.

4. Notes of Burpee

There are some notes for you:

1. Remember to do those movements gradually but not finish them at once. The quality of movements is more important than the amount. If you feel uncomfortable during the workout, stop it at once.

2. Do enough warm-ups before the workout.

3. Do not take rest at once after finish the workout. You can walk for a while and take a break until your heartbeat recovers to the normal level.

4. If you want to build your muscle, the Burpee may not be the best method.

5. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease or knees problem, you should consult your doctor then decide whether to do the Burpee or not.

Of course, for efficient weight loss, your diet should coordinate with your workout, too.

Now, let’s accept the “Burpee Challenge”!

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