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30-Day Plank Challenge for The Amazing Results You Love

30-Day Plank Challenge for The Amazing Results You Love

Do you want to get stronger, toned body? With this 30-day plank challenge, you will see the results you’ve been dying to see in no time.

Not all Internet fitness challenges are effective, but WishShape wants to share with you a 30-day plank challenge that will bring benefits to your health.


Benefits of The Plank

Strengthen Core. The plank is the perfect full-body exercise to kick off your fitness journey. It is one of the most efficient and effective core moves, as it targets both the upper and lower muscles of the abdomen, as well as the lower back. It’s working all those muscles to strengthen your core, 

Improve Posture. A plank workout improves your posture. It can you that flat, toned stomach you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

Reduce Injury. These simple moves activate multiple muscles throughout your body, It can prevent back pain and injury from even functional movements like vacuuming and picking up a box..

Convenient Workout. If you have limited time to do workout, prioritizing plank exercise is a smart strategy because it can make a dramatic difference in so many ways. These simple core moves can be learned in minutes, require minimal (if any) equipment, and can be performed anywhere at any time.

Tips for 30-Day Plank Challenge

Doing a planking exercise challenge is a great way to jump start your fitness lifestyle, push yourself to new limits, reach new goals, and see the results you want. But they only work if you stick to them. Here are some quick tips to use when doing any fitness challenge to help you stay on track and have fun while you’re doing it!  

 Tip#1: Invite your friends to join you!

Everything is more fun when your best friends do it with you, so make it a team challenge. This way, you will have your friends to keep you accountable, push you, and make this challenge that much more fun!

Tip#2: Listen to your favorite music!

Even though it does not take too much time out of your day, workout is always more fun when you are listening to the hottest new hit or your favorite indie band.

Tip#3: Be consistent!

Do the exercises for the challenge each day at the same time (if possible. Life is busy, so do this to the best of your ability). When you have a routine to follow, you are more likely to not miss a day and actually complete the challenge.

Tip#4: Perform this challenge on a soft service, preferably a workout mat!

But if you don’t have one of those on hand, using a towel or any other soft surface will do the trick. Because you will be performing the plank on the same spot on your forearms and elbows, it is important to keep them protected.

Proper Plank Form

In order for the 30-day plank challenge to work in your favor, it is essential that your form is correct when performing the exercise. Improper form can actually injure your lower back and halt your progress. Follow these directions to perform a perfect forearm plank.

1.Begin in the plank position with your forearms and toes on the floor.

2.Keep your torso straight and rigid and your body in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending.

3.Your head is relaxed and you should be looking at the floor.

Plank Variation

If this plank talk makes you yawn, pump up your planking exercise routine with these variations. Try a different one with correct form throughout the 30-day plank exercise challenge

1.Side Plank

(1) Lie on your side with your legs straight and your body in a straight line (shoulders and hips stacked one on top of the other; don’t lean forward or backwards).
(2) Prop your body up so your hips are off the floor. Rest your weight on the elbow on that’s touching the floor.
(3) Only your forearm and feet should touch the floor.
(4) Do not let the hips sag—this is the challenging part of this move. As you get tired, you’ll want to drop the hips, but focus on keeping them stationary.

2.Walking Plank

(1) Get into a push-up position with your arms extended.
(2) Keep your feet in a fixed position.
(3) Walk on your hands for 1-3 feet towards the right, then switch and 
walk towards your left.

(4)Keep your belly pulled in throughout the movement.

3.Spiderman Plank

(1) Get into a plank position.
(2) Bring your right knee towards your right elbow.
(3) Switch and bring your left knee towards your left elbow.

4.Alternating Hand Plank

(1) Get into a plank position; rest your weight on your forearms.
(2) Push up onto your right hand until your right arm is straight. Push up onto your left hand until your left arm is straight.
(3) Lower back down onto your right forearm, then your left forearm. That’s one rep.
(4) Do not allow your hips to move as you lift and lower.

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to start sculpting that tummy!

30-Day Plank Challenge Plan

Here is the plan: you will be performing the basic plank each day and the duration you have to hold the plank increases throughout the 30-day plank challenge.

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