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How to Start Losing Weight ?

Jul 07, 2017 0 comments
How to Start Losing Weight ?

How to Start Losing Weight ?

Before we talk about it, you should know the basic rules about weight loss.

What’s the Ultimate Aim of Weight Loss?

Lose Your Weight or Fat?

Obesity has brought about many troubles to our life. So, what’s the main causes of the obesity? The answer is: too much accumulated fat. The aim of weight loss is to Lose the Fat. The standard reference to measure the fat is the BFR (Body Fat Rate=Fat Weight/ Body Weight)

Reference Standard of BFR

The normal level of women is 20-28%,the security offline is 13-15%;

The normal level of men is15-18%,the security offline is 5%;

So, if you are the body builder(men), please reduce your BFR to 10% to make your abs clear.

If you are body builder(women), please reduce your BFR to 20%   to make your abs clear.

How to Measure Whether Your Fat Has Been Lost?

1. The body fat scale and body component testing machine.

But they are not very accurate. The water content in, sweat or food in stomach can all cause the inaccuracy of measurement data.

2. The Most Saving Method is to Observe the Body Measurement (Chest, Waist, Hip, Arms, Legs)

Print  Images to Record Your Datas Every Week as Follows. if the measurement of your body (Chest, Waist, Hip, Arms, Legs) become smaller, it's the proof that you are losing fat.

You Do Not Need to pay much attention to your weight.

3. A Magical Equipment-Body Fat Caliper

It is cheap and can be brought from market easily. And it is a best tool to measure your body fat. Click to Learn: What is the best way to measure your body fat .

Weight Loss is a Game to Control the Calories,

Calories Intake < Consumption

The in-take is the food we eat; the consumption can be divided into basic metabolism (The lowest energy need to maintain human life) and activity energy expenditure.

The expenditure can also be divided into daily activity energy expenditure (Such as sleeping, walking, washing, etc. ) and exercise expenditure ( Such as running and paly basketball).

When your in-take are more than your consumption, the extra calories would store in your body with the form of fat. If the extra calories accumulate for a long time, more and more fat would generate. Too much subcutaneous fat would make you looks very fat. Too much fat in your liver would bring about a series of diseases.

When your in-take are smaller than your consumption, the energy gap would form. Thus, your body will consume the storage to fill up this gap, the fat is one of the storage! If you consume 2000 Cals per day, but only take 1900 Cals in, you have a energy gap of 100 Cals to burn your fat.

How to Make the Intake < Consumption?

Method 1, Reduce the In take

  1. Control the food you eat positively. Learn How to eat can control the energy intake better ?
  2. Reduce the energy in-take passively. Learn How to use waist trainer to control your eating ?

Method 2, increase the consumption

  1. Metabolism: the metabolism would be bigger with younger age ( this is the reason for smaller proportion of fat people among young people).  The metabolism can only be improved slowly by doing workout among old people.
  2. Increase your daily activities ( Such as walking instead of driving, go to work by riding bikes)
  3. Do more workouts to add exercise consumption. There are many ways for exercising, you can click on this link to choose the best one for you.  Learn: 9 Fat Burning Exercises for You to Choose from-Which One is the Best?

To sum up, the weight loss can be more effective by controlling calories intake and adding energy consumption.

Persistence! Persistence! Persistence!

results will shows if you p ersistence

Only if you persist on losing weight, can you find the obvious change in your body. The fat spread over the whole body, so, after you lose your fat, most of your body measurement would reduce, too. The extent is different in different people.

According to the physiological characteristic of women, the fat is distributed uniformity on the whole body. (Of course, there are different figures among the women, no matter what kind of figure it is, the part has most of fat can reduce most of body measurement)

As for the men, their fat congregate on the abdomen, so, their waist measurements would have a big change after the weight loss.


Only if you have enough patience to persist, can you get a satisfied result on weight loss.

Free Lose Weight Workouts

How to use it ?


1. Choose one or two workouts to do everyday. ("warm up" is necessary whichever workout you choose)

2. Do "Warm Up" Workout first before you do every workout.

3. Make sure your body have a rest for 1 or 2 days a week.

4. Make sure you eat healthily. You can learn how to eat healthily from here, How to Eat to Lose Weight and Keep Healty ?

Warm Up

Fat Killer

Heart Lungs Basic

Heart Lungs Primary

HICT Men Primary

HICT Women Primary

HIIT Primary

HIIT Intermediate

HIIT Advanced

Tabata Primary

Tabata Intermediate

Tabata Advanced


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