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How to Eat to Lose Weight ?

Jul 11, 2017 0 comments

What to Eat to Lose Weight ?

The diet plays an important role in your weight loss process. Many people are active in training but liable to ignore the diet. Thus, it’s difficult for them to lose their fat.

You can consume your fat when your intake < consumption. But most of people are aim to keep health while losing their weight. So, how to make your intake smaller than your consumption on base of the health maintenance?

So, today I will introduce the healthy eating methods from 3 aspects:

  1. Diet Structure
  2. Eating Habits
  3. Recommended Diet Plan

Diet Structure

The diet structure above is the international healthy diet standard.  Meanwhile, I want to emphasize some points which we need to pay attention:

1. Control the Staple Food Proportion to the 1/4 of Your Whole Meal

The staple food ( such as potato and bread ) is the main source of energy, nutrition and fibers. The harm of not eat staple food includes: alopecia, forgetfulness, anxiety, frequent distraction and even the menopause. So you must eat staple food during weight loss! You can control the staple food proportion to the 1/4 of your whole meal.

2. More Vegetables

The vegetables is the main source of nutrition and fibers with low calories. The intake of vegetables per day should more than 150g every meal and 500g in whole day.

The dark vegetables (dark green, dark yellow, purple, red) are usually rich in vitamin and fibers. Such as the broccoli, cabbage, carrot, pepper, spinach and celery, etc. We recommend the dark vegetables should account for more tham half of the meal.

3.  Add the Intake of Lean Meat

Many people are afraid of eating meat because they think it can make them become fat. But the main cause of the fat is the plenty of oil added in the cooking process of meat. If we eat boiled meat or fried meat in little edible oil we won’t get fat. The best choice is lean steak, chicken chest and fishes because of the rich content of protein.

we recommend you take the meat in proportion of 1/5  of your whole meal.

  1. The protein can increase the satiety 
  2. The body need consume more calories when digest the protein
  3. The protein intake can prevent the loss of your muscle

4. Appropriate Amount of Fruits

The sugar content in fruits are high, especially in some sweet fruits like mango, litchi and date. The fructose is also a kind of sugar which can cause the obesity.

During your weight loss period, we recommend you do not take in fruits more than 200g which approximate to a banana or apple per day.

The recommendation is eat fruits directly, but not the juice because most of juice are not rich in the fibers which can benefit for weight loss.

5. Drink More Water

Drink at least 1500-1700ml water per day during your weight loss period!

Eating Habits

1.   Less oil & less salt

Eat less fried food as possible as you can (such as fried chicken, chips, etc.); Add less oil when you cooking. The recommended cooking methods are : "poach", "vaporize", "boil" and "fry".  

2.   Less Sugar

The sugar would be absorbed by your body quickly which can cause the addiction. It is the main cause of many diseases. So, avoid overtaking the energy and far away from various of high sugar content food.

3.  Do not Get Stuffed; Eat small Meals

Being stuffed is a bad signal. It is prone to cause the overtake of calories. Do not get stuffed in every meal. You can eat small meals on other time to prevent the attack of hunger.

The time for your small meals can be chose at 10:00 a.m or 3:00 p.m. The recommended food are: fruits, milk, yogurt, nuts.

4.  Chewing Food Thoroughly

Take the same amount of food, the one who eat quickly would take in higher calories than the one eat slowly.

5.  Do not forget to eat breakfast

Abandon the breakfast will cause the fatigue due to the deficit of energy which can decrease the study or work efficiency. The hunger caused by diet may make you eat more than you need in your lunch or supper. You are liable to eat some high calories food to satisfy your hunger which is bad to weight loss.

6. You Can Eat A “Self-Cheat Meal”

Long time diets in low calories would make your body step into a sense of hunger which can reduce the metabolism. This can make bad influence on our effectiveness of weight loss and even make ourselves step into the “plateau”.

At this time, arrange a “self-cheat meal”, despite of the limitation of diets to eat a meal you really like. But attention to the control of amount, you can only eat one “self-cheat meal” in one week. By this meal, your body won’t feel a constant hunger so your metabolism won’t be reduced to lose weight. What’s more, it can satisfy our desire for the delicious food.


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