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Waist-training Exercises with a Stability Ball
One of the major advantages of
is that you don’t necessarily need to engage in hardcore workouts to shed belly fat, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

To make the most out of your home workouts you can increase the intensity of your exercises by using easily available gym equipment such as a stability ball, medicine ball or an exercise band.

If you’re serious about working out at home, a stability ball is a must-have. The variety of exercises you can do with a stability ball are endless as it allows you to activate all muscle groups at minimum cost.

Waist-training is that much more effective on a stability ball mainly because more muscles are needed to maintain your balance on the ball.

If you’re bored of your regular crunches and planks, lock up your waist trainer, get yourself a stability ball and try out these exercises.


1) Crunches

There really is no escaping crunches when it comes to waist-training but it certainly is more enjoyable when you’re using a stability ball. Rest your lower back on the ball and plant your feet ahead in front you. Interlock your fingers behind your head and slowly roll yourself back until your back is arched against the ball. Keep your glutes tightened so you feel the strain on your abdomen. Try and do as many as you can.


2) Plank Steps

Planks are another popular exercise when it comes to waist-training because of how it strains your core.

So many more variations of planks are possible with a stability ball. Plank steps are similar to mountain climbers. Simply, place your forearms on the stability ball and get yourself into a plank position. You’ll feel the strain in your core instantly as you’re forcing it to stabilize your body. One at a time, bring your leg towards the ball until you knock your knees against it (the same leg movements that are involved in mountain climbers).

Make sure your hips are parallel to the floor the whole time and that your core is constantly engaged. Keep your shoulder and hips steady as you perform this exercise.

Using a waist-trainer for such exercises will support your back and your core. It will make the exercise easier to do but will cause you to sweat more at the same time.


3) V-sit ups

V-sit ups are one of the harder workouts you can do with a stability ball. Lay yourself flat on the ground, spread your legs so you are able to place the stability ball between your feet. As you raise your feet, crunch with your hands in the air, reaching out for the ball. Pick the ball up with your hands, sway your arms backward tapping the floor with the ball and come back up to place it between your feet again. Do as many of these as you can.

Crunches can be difficult to do with the steel boned waist-trainer, however, a latex waist-trainer gives you a little more flexibility and provides your back with support at the same time.


4) Heel Touches

To perform heel touches, sit on the floor and lean back to a 45⁰ angle. Place the ball between your feet and lift your legs a few inches off the ground. Bend your knees to bring the ball as close to your chest as you can. Move your body up slightly just so you are able to tap your heels with your hands. Note that your back should be leaning at a 45⁰ angle the entire time or the exercise becomes ineffective.


For exercises that require you to bend your core, a
is the way to go. It would generate enough thermal activity for you to melt inches off your waist, give you the flexibility to pull off such exercises efficiently and provide your back with adequate support.

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