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The Added Benefits of Exercising with a Waist-Trainer

As much as we’d like to be shedding inches off our waist by just wearing a tightly fitted garment around our waist – it’s not going to happen. Effective waist-training requires much more work than just wearing the waist-trainer for few hours every other day. Exercising with a waist-trainer is key to losing inches off your waist, accompanied with a strict diet.

That being said, do not begin exercising with a waist-trainer as soon as you get one. Allow your body to adjust to the garment over the course of a few weeks. You need a waist-trainer that fits snugly against your body but that that doesn’t restrict your breathing or movement. When you first get your waist-trainer, fasten it on the last hooks and begin wearing it for just short periods of time. Start off by wearing it for an hour and then slowly increase the time. Do not rush yourself, it won’t do you any good!

After 4-5 weeks you should feel comfortable in your waist-trainer and this is when you can begin exercising in it.

Working out with a waist-trainer has a few added benefits:


1) Waist-trainers support your back

Working out your core requires support from your back. Due to the sort of lifestyles we lead, many people suffer from bad posture and a weak back that hampers our abilities to exercise our core effectively.

The moment you begin using a waist-trainer, you’ll find that the bonding of the waist-trainer helps you sit upright and divides your weight evenly across your torso and your back. After wearing the garment a few weeks, your body will begin to adopt a better posture and your back will have more strength.

Many core exercises, strength-training exercises, and weight-lifting exercises will require you to engage the muscles in your back. A waist-trainer will keep your back straight and provide you with the necessary support to carry out these exercises safely and efficiently.


2) Waist-trainers enhance your workout

Sweating during a workout is indicative of how many calories you’re burning, you sweat much more with a waist-trainer – especially around your waist.

At the same time, the waist-trainer eases many intense exercises by providing your back and core with sufficient support.

If you’re trying to slim your waist, you don’t need to be doing exercises that target your core every day. Cardio such as running and power-walking, when done with a waist-trainer will still help you feel the burn around the midsection.

Simple exercises such as squats, planks, and crunches that can be done at home are much more effective when you’re wearing a waist-trainer. For all those people who don’t have the time to hit the gym, find yourself a thorough in-home workout regime that engages all major muscle groups. Put on your waist-trainer and watch yourself get slimmer over time.

Waist-trainers enhance your workout


3) Thermal activity around your core

The compression caused by the garment against your body stimulates thermal activity which causes you to sweat. When beginning waist-training, fasten your waist-trainer on the last hooks but as you get more comfortable in it, you can start tightening it. The tighter you fasten it, the more you’ll perspire. Again, this doesn’t mean you tighten the waist-trainer to the point where it causes severe discomfort!

Thermal activity around your core


Sweating is natural when exercising, with waist-trainers you sweat harder.

Waist-training has proven to be an effective slim-down technique but in order to make the most out of it, you need to exercise with it regularly. Remember, that no amount of exercise will help you get slimmer if you aren’t watching what you eat. To lose weight, your calorie intake should be less than the amount of calories you burn.

Lastly, it cannot be emphasized enough that waist-training should not be taken lightly; make sure you are not rushing yourself and are allowing your body to adjust to it slowly.


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