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Snacks to Avoid for a Slim Waist and Flat Belly

The majority of us resort to unhealthy food, served out of food trucks and other fast-food joints nearby. On top of that, we rely on a bunch of zero-nutrition snacks to help us get through the day. Having these snacks every now and then won’t hurt you but the moment you make it a regular habit, you’re piling on extra fat around your mid-riff and increasing your sodium levels.

If you want that flat tummy, here’s a list of foods you’ve got to avoid:


1) Potato Chips

Potato Chips

They may not seem like much because the packet IS only half full right? Well, potato chips are on the top of the list for belly-fat causing snacks. Hate to tell you but your favorite snacks are pumped with unsaturated fats that lead to a buildup of abdominal fat. To make matters worse, they are coated with all that salt that causes bloating. Also, have you noticed that chips never really fill you up? You can keep eating them without feeling like you’ve eaten much at all – once you pop, you DON’T stop.

A recent study revealed that munching on chips every day can lead to an increase of 2 pounds of flab around your belly every four years. If you do the math, you’ll find that by just boycotting chips, you can be losing half a pound of belly-fat without any changes in your diet or exercising.

It’s perfectly normal to crave a light-snack between your meals, especially when you’re at work. Understand that there are healthy snacks that you can turn to such as baby carrots, cinnamon sugar radish chips or baked taro chips. Don’t be put off the hipster names, they are easily available in grocery stores.


2) Diet Soda

Diet Soda

There’s a serious misconception when it comes to diet-drinks. We assume that just because we are having a ‘diet’ version, we’re not consuming any calories. However, that’s just not true. Researchers have discovered links between diet-carbonated beverages with increased waist-sizes. People who regularly drank diet-sodas, have larger waist sizes than those that didn’t consume diet-sodas. Scientists believe that psychological factors are at play when we drink diet sodas. According to them, we convince ourselves into eating more just because our brain believes that we aren’t going to be gaining calories since we’re having a diet soda.

You’re much better off drinking a refreshing mint-cooler or fresh juice with your food.


3) Pizza


Pizza is another easy option at work. You can share with your colleagues and eat it while you work but it too is loaded with unsaturated fats. Again, these unsaturated fats will build up around your belly, increasing your waistline and give you unwanted belly flab.

Try out healthier options such as bruschetta, it contains all the flavors of pizza but without the layers of cheese that cause bloating.


4) Fries


Fries are another favorite that makes a long day at work more tolerable – but do they really? A Harvard study found that people who consumed fries regularly ended up gaining 3 pounds every four years. By the end of the 20-yrs long study, regular fries-eaters had gained 15pounds and most of it was around their waist.

If you’re eating out for lunch, avoid fast-food joints who always have fries as sides. Eat at a diner/restaurant where you can switch your sides for steamed vegetables or brown rice.


5) Processed Juices

processed juices

If it’s on the shelf of a grocery store, its processed (no matter what it says on the box). In order for it to be drinkable, all boxed juices are filled with preservatives. Even the supposedly ‘all natural’ brands still contain at least 36g of sugar in them. Bring yourself a bottle of freshly-squeezed juice from home instead and limit the amount of sugar you put in.

Looking after yourself at work can be easy provided that you are eating right and sneaking in some exercise in between. To prevent your body from losing shape from sitting around all day, use the help of a professional waist-trainer. A waist-trainer will ensure that you sit upright; this automatically prevents your belly from hanging out. It will cause thermal activity around the waist that will help you melt calories throughout the day.

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