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Slim Your Waist By Exercising Before Going To Bed


If you haven’t had the time to workout during the day, no worries! Don’t be disheartened, every little bit of exercise counts. If there wasn’t any time during the day, you can sneak in a workout before you hit the bed. It will help you burn off some calories plus you’ll sleep better too – even if it’s just 10 to 20 minutes.

A study at Duke University revealed that compared to resistance training, cardio is more effective when it comes to losing belly fat. Doing a 60 minutes session of cardio a few hours after your last meal forces your body to turn to fat reserves for energy as you snooze. Provided that you aren’t consuming carbs after your workout, you should be able to lose belly fat over some time.


Effective cardio workouts before bed

Effective cardio workouts before bed

Not many of us have exercise equipment in our houses which is fine, you can get a good workout without it.

Power-walking around the neighborhood is a good way to get your heart-rate up; jogging is even better. An hour-long jog around the block will get your blood pumping and body sweating – a simple yet effective way to burn calories as you sleep. To increase the number of calories you burn, use a waist-trainer that fits snugly around your body but doesn’t restrict your movement as you walk.

Jumping rope is another fun and easy way to shed pounds before you hit the sac.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT refers to short, high-intensity bursts of exercise where you push yourself to the limit for 60 to 90 seconds. Many studies have proven that pushing your limits during a workout builds endurance, enhances metabolism, regulating insulin levels and burning fat. HIIT is essentially the opposite of long session at the gym which is why it is gaining such popularity. HIIT is an uncomplicated way of enhancing your workout. An intense minute and half of running hard on the treadmill after every 20 minutes qualifies as HIIT. The same way a minute of non-stop burpees, repeated 5 times with just 30 seconds of rest will burn lots of calories while building endurance.

You will sweat that much harder during HIIT using a waist-trainer but make sure that it does not curb your breathing.


Resistance training

Resistance training

Resistance training may not be backed by studies when talking about losing fat in the mid-riff area but you can still burn fat by pumping iron before heading to bed.

The greatest advantage of resistance training is that it not only helps you burn fat while you exercise but even after you’re done with the workout. Resistance training, when done properly, can help you burn fat for the 48hrs after your workout – referred to as “after-burn effect”.

Fit in a full-body workout during the day. Resistance training can target abs specifically by activating the production of fat-burning hormones. Get yourself some small weights (a medicine ball and kettlebell will work too) and do exercises that engage your full body such as lunges, goblet squats, bent-over rows and kettle-bell swings.

Do sets of 12-18 reps of each exercise with minimum rest in between.

To make the most of out of your workout before bed, maximize your calorie-burn by using a professional waist-trainer as you workout. A professional waist-trainer will support your muscles as you engage in high-intensity exercises allowing you to do more sets and burn more calories. At the same time, the heat triggered around the waist due to the compression of the waist-trainer will increase the number of calories you burn during the workout.

Exercises such as pushups and planks that can be difficult to do for those that do not workout regularly are easier to do with a waist-trainer as it supports your lower back while strengthening your core.

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