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Simple Exercises To Do Everyday

Oct 20, 2017 0 comments
Simple Exercises To Do Everyday


We all know that exercise is important but not all of us are up for the work. In order to make exercise a regular part of life, you require a lot of willpower. The lack of willpower could keep you from making the walk to the gym or getting up early for a morning walk. What you need to realize is that getting in shape doesn’t require you leaving the house at all. It is very possible to stay in shape without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Stay in shape by keeping your diet in check and doing these simple exercises every day at home.


1) Planks

If you lack stamina and experience shortness of breath easily then planks should become your favorite exercise. Planks are static so you won’t struggle with your breathing. Get yourself in the plank position, and rest your body on your forearms and your toes. Hold your body steady, sucking your belly into your ribs. Make sure you keep your back completely straight, do not lower your waist. You should have a little difficulty balancing yourself on your forearms. All muscles that are engaged in keeping your body straight such as your abs, the muscles in your arms, your anterior thigh muscles and the muscles in your back should feel the strain.


2) Pushups

Pushups are a pain for all unfit people but there really isn’t any getting away from them. To do a pushup properly you need to get yourself into a plank position, bend your arms so you’re closer to the floor and then push yourself up back up. When you pick your body up and your arms straighten, your back, glutes, and legs should create a straight, diagonal line. Try taking your time as you return to your original plank position to really stimulate your muscles.


3) Arm & Legs Extensions on Knees

To do these, start off by getting on all fours then stretch out your right leg and left arm while keeping the rest of your body as steady as possible. Hold it for 15 seconds and then do the same with your left leg and right arm.


4) Squats

Squats are another one of those effective exercises you can do at home that activates all major muscles in your lower half. To do a squat correctly, you need to balance your body weight properly, Place your feet shoulder-width apart and stand on the soles of your feet. Slowly begin squatting as if you were about to sit on an imaginary chair. If you’re doing a squat correctly, your knees and feet should align as you lower your body. To maintain balance, stretch your arm out in front of you when your body is lower. Start pushing yourself up very slowly to feel the strain in your muscles.


5) Bicycle Kicks

To do bicycle kicks, lay on your back. Slightly raise your back, a 40⁰ would be good. Place your arms flat on the ground on your sides. If you need help keeping yourself up, support your head by placing your hands behind your head. Pull your left knee into your chest as close as you can. As you pull your left knee in, extend your right leg out. Keep your abs tight to feel the strain and don’t let your feet ever touch the ground.


6) Downward Dog Leg Raise

Get into the downward dog position and raise one leg as high as you can. Lower it slowly, bend it and bring it into your chest. Try to touch your nose with your knee and then switch legs.


7) Wall Sit Waist Twists

Prop yourself against a wall. Bend your knees slightly, lace your fingers (or hold a medicine ball) and twist your waist from side to side while keeping yourself against the wall at all times.

To get the most of your workouts, use a waist-trainer to make sure you get that slim waist. The waist-trainer will provide you with adequate support, enabling you to do this exercises well. It will also help you get into shape faster by helping you melt inches off your waist.

Do these exercises for 30 minutes with short 45 second breaks in between. You would be required to really push yourself in the first week. Eventually, your body will adjust to the workout and you should consider raising the intensity of your workout.

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