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Improve your posture with a Waist-Trainer

It’s not uncommon for a job to demand you to sit or stand continuously for many hours, both of which are unnatural for the human body. Sitting for long hours hunched over a desk or being in any other position that restricts movement can be harmful to your body. Spending long hours with limited movement on a daily basis, paired with a sedentary lifestyle and a bad diet can lead to serious cardiovascular conditions. You are also more likely to gain weight as most people have a tendency to snack while working and don’t do enough exercise to burn off the calories.

In addition to the deteriorating health of your heart and weight-gain, constantly sitting or standing for long periods leads to bad posture.

Bad Posture

Having bad posture may not seem like a big problem but once you delve into the details of the different ways it affects your body, the damaging effects of having bad posture become clear.

Here’s how having bad posture affects you physically:

Causes muscle pain and makes you susceptible to injury as it increases pressure on your shoulders, lower back, and neck due to inadequate support from your spine. Hunching constricts your lungs and reduces their efficiency. It weakens the digestive system, making you more vulnerable to illness, acid reflux and hernia Leads to a buildup of belly fat, causing a ‘belly pouch’

Belly Fat

Belly fat isn’t a problem just for those that are overweight. Research has found that even people of normal weight need to be wary of the risks of having belly fat. According to studies, belly fat has been linked to high cholesterol levels, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Medical practitioners claim that even if you are of normal weight but your belly measurements are 40inches or above for men and 34 inches or above for women then you are considered obese. Such individuals should immediately switch to a healthier diet and begin exercising to trim inches off their waist.

Waist Training

Waist-training will improve your posture and reduce belly fat as well.

With the help of a waist-trainer, you can realign your back and correct your posture. Choose a waist-trainer that goes higher up your torso so it supports all your back muscles. Attempting to correct your posture without the help of a waist-trainer is tough because the bad posture has become habitual and your body is going to need a constant reminder to sit up straight.

With a waist-trainer, there really is no space to go wrong when it comes to fixing your posture. The snug fitting and boning of the garment forces you to sit and stand up straight. Scientists believe that you need at least 21 days to pick up a new habit; a month of wearing a waist-trainer at work should do the job.

Don’t wear the waist-trainer to work as soon as you get one, allow your body some time to adjust to the garment. Eventually, you should be able for a few hours straight without much trouble. Be careful to pick the right size for you. If you are having trouble breathing or moving then switch to a bigger size immediately.

After a few weeks of wearing the waist-trainer at work, you’ll realize that your back is now better able to carry your body weight. You won’t feel the urge to hunch forwards anymore as you adopt a better posture and your backaches will reduce significantly.

Additionally, the heat around your belly caused by the compression of the waist-trainer will help you burn excess belly fat, allowing you to shed inches off your waist.

Lastly, using a waist-trainer to correct your posture and reduce your waist-line will not only improve your health but will help you look better as well – leading to increased confidence and body positivity.

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