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How to Avoid Gaining Weight this Holiday Season


It’s that time of the year again where we indulge in delicious meals and forget about our diets. It’s a known fact that holiday weight is real – people tend to gain weight around the holidays no matter what they celebrate. We’re more lenient about our consumption of calories and our workouts our side-lined.

Yes, holidays are the time to indulge but don’t let it ruin all the work you’ve put in your body throughout the year.

Avoid gaining weight the holiday season with these tips:


  • Don’t “save your appetite”

Many people make the mistake of skipping breakfast and lunch in order to “save their appetite”. Sadly, saving your appetite only leads to more eating. Taking your body to the point of starvation releases ghrelin the “hunger hormone” which stimulates appetite, increases food consumption and the storage of fat. Starving your body not only leads to more eating but also promotes storage of fat.

The importance of breakfast is still being debated but to prevent binging, later on, have a reasonably-sized breakfast containing some form of protein such as eggs or yogurt. Eggs keep you fuller for longer and they are low in calories.


  • Bring your own food

By now you have a good idea of what is likely to be served for dinner. You know how calorie-conscious your loved ones are. If you’re anxious about overeating, all the wrong foods then take your own with you. Sure, you can still taste a little bit of their food, but you don’t have to eat enough for your daily calorie intake to be thrown out of whack.


  • Stick to the veggies

Sticking to the vegetables is the simplest way to avoid gaining weight on the holidays. Vegetables are loaded with fiber, and they keep you full for longer. Just make sure you’re going for the right vegetables. Look for green vegetables and stay away from potato stuffing no matter how good it looks!


  • Avoid added sugar

As tempting as pies, cookies, and cakes are, they have high-contents of added sugars that lead to an increase in weight. Stay away from these goodies this season and go for fruits and vegetables instead. Fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars to avoid weight gain. If there’s some version of a fruit trifle or fruit salad on the table, then make sure you reach out for it. You can still have a few bites of the cakes and cookies.


  • Eat slowly

Eating too fast gives our bodies less time to register fullness which is why we end up overeating. However, when we savor every bite, we eat less. By properly chewing your food, you can burn around 10 extra calories for every 300 calorie meal. Chewing your food slowly can drop your monthly calorie count by 2000 calories per month.


  • Incorporate healthy fats into your meals

Not all fats are bad. Our body requires ‘good fats’ to absorb fat-soluble molecules such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Good fats like the type found in avocado and olive oil suppress hunger for longer. Also, eating good fats with foods rich in fiber keeps our bellies full for longer so go ahead and dip those veggies in some good old guacamole.


  • In-home exercises

We know the difficulty of keeping up with your fitness routine when you’re on holiday, but you can still do 20-40 minutes of simple in-home exercises with minimum equipment and keep your body in shape. You don’t need to do much, just a few sets of pushups, planks, squats and a couple more exercises should suffice.

Don’t forget to put on your wait-trainer to burn extra calories. Since you’re probably going to have a shorter, less intense workout session you might as well use a professional waist-trainer to get the most out of it. It will help you burn more calories and keep your waist look small.

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