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Get Your Waistline Back Post-Pregnancy

Oct 27, 2017 0 comments
Get Your Waistline Back Post-Pregnancy

Back in the days, it was acceptable for women to ‘let go of themselves’ during pregnancy and then keep the extra pounds after pregnancy. Today’s women are expected to shed the pounds as soon as they can – and now we have A-list celebrities to prove that it can be done.

It’s a good thing that today we are much more health conscious than a few decades back. We’re healthier, we watch our diet and believe in exercising regularly. Women are conscious about the amount of weight they gain during pregnancy and are willing to push themselves to lose the extra pounds.

Here’s how you can make sure you get your waist-line back post-pregnancy:


  • Strengthen your core before your pregnancy

Strengthen your core before your pregnancy

If your core is tight before you get pregnant, it’s that much easier to lose the belly fat after your pregnancy is over. When you’re thinking of getting pregnant, start training your core in-advance. This way you limit the amount of weight you gain around your waist.


  • Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

There were many myths regarding pregnancy and exercise. Previously women were told to avoid physical activity during pregnancy, however, this is changed with time. Medical practitioners encourage women to engage in physical activity when they are pregnant. Exercise during pregnancy, helps with constipation, backaches, swelling and bloating. It also reduces the chances of developing gestational diabetes. Furthermore, childbirth is much smoother when you’ve been exercising regularly.

When you do exercise, opt for exercise that won’t exhaust you. Swimming and water aerobics makes an exercise workout when you’re pregnant. The water prevents your body from overheating and cushions your joints.


  • Don’t eat for two

Don’t eat for two

Eating for two when you’re pregnant is a myth. You just need an extra 250 calories per day when you’re pregnant. Those 250 calories should consist of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, not carbs and fats. Nutrients are essential for your baby which is why a large portion of your diet should consist of vegetable and fruits.

You are going to experience cravings when you’re pregnant but try quenching your cravings with healthy alternatives instead of indulging in sugars and carbs.

Control your intake of food by making sure you don’t get hungry to the point of starvation. Eat 6 small meals of small portions throughout the day with healthy snacks in between.


  • Exercise after pregnancy

Exercise after pregnancy

To drop pregnancy weight, you can’t rest for too long after childbirth. Give your body at least 6 weeks of rest after the baby comes out. After the 6 weeks are over, you can begin by a light workout. Start off by walking around the block. Activate your muscles slowly and get your heart-rate up. Once your body is ready for something more intense, you can power-walk. As the weeks progress, your workout should get more rigorous. At some point, you are going to have to really push yourself to lose the excess pounds.


  • Use a waist-trainer

A-list celebrities have credited waist-trainers for their dramatic weight-loss post-pregnancy. Pregnancy leaves the muscles in your core sore and tender. A waist-trainer helps the muscles tighten up and melt fat off your belly at the same time. Waist-trainers will also make it easier to exercise after pregnancy. It’s common to experience backaches during and after pregnancy and a waist-trainer provides your lower back with support. This allows you to do core exercises that are necessary to shed pounds around your midriff.

Use a waist-trainer

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