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Exercises to do With Your Waist-Trainer

Sep 29, 2017 0 comments
Exercises to do With Your Waist-Trainer

Now that you’ve adjusted to your waist-trainer you should be ready to begin working out in it. Remember you have to take it slow with the waist-trainer, don’t do anything that’s intensive and would leave you gasping for air (which can be difficult to do in waist-trainer).

When you begin exercising with a waist-trainer, start off with exercises that focus on your core. Once you get used to the idea of working out with a waist-trainer you can progress into Pilates, weight-lifting or Bootcamp style exercises. Even a short 30minute cardio workout would do but again, cardio exercises are meant to increase your heart-rate and could leave you panting. Avoid workouts that cause a shortness of breath when you have your waist-trainer on.

The following are exercises that engage the core and focus on slimming your waist-line. They can be done in the comfort of your home and work wonderfully with a waist-trainer.


1) Squats


Do you want Beyonce’s booty? You have got to make squats a regular thing! Squats are excellent exercises to do with a waist-trainer. For ladies who aren’t big on fitness, squats can be quite hard on your back. A waist-trainer will support your back and make it easier for you to lift yourself back up. At the same time, squats will help you strengthen your core. Simultaneously, the waist-trainer will heat up your mid-riff and cause you to sweat, melting fat off your waist-line.

If you want to take it up a notch, try doing squats while holding up some light weights, it will strain your abs a little more and make the workout more effective.


2) Planking


Planking is a must-do with you want to get that flat belly. It engages all the muscles in your torso and you’ll feel the burn instantly. You feel the strain that much more when you are wearing your waist-trainer as you do the exercise. Side planks are another variation that is excellent for a slimmer waist-line.


3) Alligator-drags


Alligator-drags are a step up from planking. Once you are successfully able to keep yourself steady when doing planks, you can begin doing alligator-drags. These will activate all the muscles in your core while toning your glutes at the same time. Keep your waist-trainer on to really feel the burn!


4) Walking lunges

Walking lunges

Walking lunges don’t seem to engage your core when you’re doing them without a waist-trainer but with a waist-trainer on, you’ll feel they have more of an effect. Fasten your waist-trainer and walk around in your backyard while keeping your back as straight as you can. This exercise is awesome for your abs, glutes, and legs.


5) Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

For kettlebell swings, you would require a kettlebell (a medicine ball of moderate weight will work too). You need to practice doing a swinging motion with your glutes to ensure you don’t just end up doing squats instead. There’s a difference between swinging your glutes back and forth and bending your knees to do squats. Once you’ve gotten the hang of swinging your glutes back and forth, place the kettlebell in front of you, pick it up and swing it up and down from between your legs. Make sure you keep your core tightened as you do the exercise. It’s much easier to activate the core with a waist-trainer on.

All forms of exercises will become more effective when you are wearing your waist-trainer. However, when your goal is to lose belly fat and get that slim waist-line, you need to incorporate exercises that activate your core specifically.

Even without a waist-trainer, your body will let you know when you’re pushing it too far. The intensity of the simplest of exercises increases with a waist-trainer so take things slow and let your body adjust to it. If you find certain exercises too difficult to do, then find simpler variations of it.



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