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Benefits of Professional Waist-Trainers

Jan 29, 2018 0 comments
Benefits of Professional Waist-Trainers


A waist-trainer is essentially a restricting garment similar to a corset or other shapewear; however, waist-trainers are meant to provide long-lasting affects unlike other restricting garments. The purpose of the waist-trainer is to shrink the waist-line permanently. Of course, a garment alone cannot provide the permanent change in body shape; waist-training is a complementary process that supports diet and exercise and speeds up weight-loss.

Check out some of the benefits of using a waist-trainer:


1)    It helps you get that hourglass figure

An hourglass figure has always been celebrated. A narrow waist-line accentuates the other curves of a women’s body making us look our very best. We’re all born with different body shapes but with a help of a waist-trainer we can shed belly fat and get a step closer to the perfect hourglass figure.

There are specific exercises you can do that help you sculpt your glutes, tighten your abs and straighten your posture – all these exercises can be enhanced using a waist-trainer and it help you burn fat faster too.


2)    Straightening your posture

Bad posture impacts our health in many ways. It leads to back and neck pain, headaches, fatigue and much more. Unfortunately, due to our lifestyles, bad posture has become very common.

A waist-trainer forces us to the sit upright and align our spine. When we have good posture, our body weight is distributed evenly but with bad posture, there is added pressure on certain portions of our back. A waist-trainer supports the back, assisting us in keeping it straight and continuous usage of the waist-trainer for several hours a week should fix your posture. Research states that wearing a waist-trainer for 4-5 hours every day (especially during times we are usually hunched over) for at least 21 days should fix our posture significantly.


3)    Strengthens core muscles

We rely on our core muscles to help us hold our body weight and keep out spine straight. Loose core muscles may not feel like much of a problem initially but they do have an effect on our physical and mental health.

Women need strong muscles during and after pregnancy in order for their bodies to function optimally. Consistently wearing a professional waist-trainer will suck in your belly and force you to sit up straight. Professional waist-trainers will also make it easier for you to do exercises that target the core such as planks, pushups, alligator drags, etc.


4)    Helps burn fat

Professional waist-trainers are made of high-compression fabrics that increase thermal activity in the area causing you to sweat more. Wearing a waist-trainer when exercising will help you burn more calories by making you sweat more than usual – waist-trainers will enhance your workout.


What to keep in mind


  • Waist-trainers are made of high-compression fabrics that do restrict the body which is why it’s so important to choose the correct size. If waist-training is not handled responsibly, it can lead to many health issues.


  • When picking a waist-trainer, be sure to get the right size. You should be able to breathe comfortably and it should not restrict movement – it needs to fit comfortably around the body.


  • Do not wear your waist-trainer more than a few hours a day (3-4 hours is enough), definitely, do not sleep in it.


  • Lastly, waist-training is a slow process and should not be rushed. You need to allow your body to adjust to the garment. Start off by keeping the waist-trainer on the last hook and make it tighter gradually as your body gets used to the garment.


At WishShape we offer a variety of professional waist-trainers in a number of styles and fabrics. Each one of our waist-trainers has its own purpose; go through our collection and pick the one that’s best for you!


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