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Beginner’s Guide to Waist-Training

Sep 26, 2017 0 comments
Beginner’s Guide to Waist-Training

Waist-training had taken the world by storm a couple of years back as celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian swore by it. Unsurprisingly, everyone wanted in after that!

How Waist-Trainers work

It’s important to understand the difference between waist-trainers and regular corsets. The traditional corsets were worn primarily for aesthetic purposes; the idea was to get your waist to look smaller not necessarily to trim your waist-line.

Modern waist-trainers work differently and can actually help you trim 5-6 inches off your waist-line when backed by proper diet and regular exercise.

Waist-trainers work in two ways. Firstly, they train your waist to be smaller in size. Consistent use of the waist-trainer will get your body to adapt to the size of the garment and change its shape over a period of time. The second way the waist-trainer works is by increasing the thermal activity on your abdomen which causes you to burn fat around your waist.

You need to understand that waist-training is a slow process. Trying to trim your waist by just putting on a waist-trainer will take minimum 4 weeks. To speed up the process, you need to support your waist-training with a low-calorie diet and exercises that target your core.

Different between Waist-Trainers and Corsets

There has been a lot of talk about the risks of waist-training as many medical experts claim that it can be severely harmful to your body. While it is true that modern-day waist-trainers are inspired by traditional corsets, it’s important to distinguish between them.

Traditional corsets consisted of steel boning which did constrict your body and shifts your organs among many other health risks. Corsets typically had 24 steel bones which forced your body into an hourglass-shape and had zero elasticity. Latex waist-trainers provide you with much more flexibility and give your body a little more room. They do not restrict your organs.

Fastening your waist-trainer correctly is extremely important. People have the tendency to fasten the waist-trainer to the smallest size in order to get dramatic results. This will lead to severe pain and can even force your organs to the shrink to a dangerously small size. Be aware of the risks of the binding yourself too tight with a waist-trainer.

To be safe and get the best results, waist-training needs to be done responsibly! Choose a waist-trainer that fits snugly but does not prevent you from breathing properly – if you are having a hard time breathing then get a bigger size.

Ease into it

When you first put on a waist-trainer, it’s natural to experience some discomfort. People don’t like the feeling of being ‘bound’ around the torso, which is why you’re suggested to start off slow. Begin by wearing the waist-trainer for just an hour and then gradually increase your time by intervals of 30 minutes. At the beginning, just wear your waist-trainer around the house and get the feel of it. After a few weeks, your body would have successfully adjusted to the garment. Soon you wouldn’t even know that it is on – this is when you can start working out in it. You can even wear it as an undergarment.

Getting the Most out of your Waist-Trainer

For the best results, you need to accompany waist-training with a strict diet and exercises that strengthen your core. A regular exercise routine will work but incorporating more ab exercises into your regimen will better.

Women who do waist-train have found that they have less appetite. This is expected because of the compression of your stomach caused by the waist-trainer suppresses your hunger (no, it’s not dangerous). If you are consuming more meals of smaller portions, you should be just fine!

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