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How to Identify and Break Up a Weight Loss Plateau?

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching what you eat, working your ass off in the gym, and not seeing progress! All that means you’re in weight loss plateau.

By reading this article, you can get information as follows:
1. Identify any nutrition gaps.
2. Try tracking your calories.
3. Make sure to plan your workouts.
4. Get a body fat test with a trainer.
5. Watch your alcohol consumption.
6. Eat more protein.
7. Sleep!
8. Consider seeking medical help.

1.what is a Plateau?

In the dictionary, the definition of plateaus is “a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.”


2.    How to Identify Plateaus?

1.Identify any nutrition gaps

Nutritional deficiencies can take your well-oiled machine of a body and turn it into the Tin Man. Make sure you’re getting all of the essential needs that your body has to be healthy.

nutrition gaps

2.Get a body fat test with a trainer

You may find that you’re not in a plateau at all.  Keeping track of your measurements in ways beyond weight, plus your body fat percentage, will help you keep a more well-rounded and scientific eye on your progress.

Keeping track of your measurements

3.How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau ?

1.Try tracking your calories

If you’re in a plateau, consider measuring this temporarily to see if it can get your goals back on track.

tracking your calories

2.Make sure to plan your workouts

 Check out the Anytime Fitness App for a fitness plan and workouts that fit your level and goal(s). In addition to that, consider seeing a personal trainer to up the ante!

plan your workouts

3.Watch your alcohol consumption

Your body will prioritize processing the alcohol and this could lead to wasted calories down the road. So, watch out, and make sure your goals are clear before you crack another beer.

Watch your alcohol consumption

4.Eat more protein

Protein will help increase your muscle mass, and muscle mass can increase your metabolism.

Eat more protein


Sleep deprivation can slow down muscle recovery because your body needs to rest and rejuvenate.


6.Consider seeking medical help

Consider seeking medical help if you have tried and tried but can’t seem to get results.

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