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6 Worst Promises of Weight-Loss Pill You Should Know

Are you considering a weight loss supplement? Steer clear of these worst promises that weight-loss product make.

Promise #1: “Lose Weight Without Dieting!”

No one could lose weight without making changes in the kitchen.

Promise #2: “Exercise Is Not Required.”

Weight loss without exercise has zero merit or research support.

Promise #3: “Accelerate Your Metabolism.”

None active ingredients, like green tea or synephrine, can reduce weight permanently in long-term research.

Promise #4: “Feel fuller!”

Protein, fiber, and fat fill you up. Supplements don’t

Promise #5: “Change your body composition.”

Supplements that promise a change in body composition has very little research support

Promise#6: “Block the absorption of carbohydrates.”

No well conducted research to show that taking a supplement to block carbohydrates is possible.

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