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5 Super Leg strengthening Exercises for Strong Legs Building

When it comes to best leg workouts, you already know lunges and squats are the key. But if you need a little help revamping your routine, these five exercises would help you a lot.

By reading this article, you can get information as follows:

1. Squat Matrix

2. Piyo Box Jacks

3. Split Jump/Drop Squat Series

4. Lateral Lunge to Power Skip

5.180-Degree Medicine Ball Squat Jump



1.    Squat Matrix

Sit hips all the way back; Step right leg forward into a lunge. then take that same leg back into a reverse lunge. Come to center to perform a squat, then repeat the same front and reverse lunge. Perform ten times every side.

2.Plyo Box Jacks

Standing on a sturdy box, jump feet out onto mat, then jump back up onto the box. Perform 10 jacks as quickly as you can.

3.    Split Jump/Drop Squat Series

Jump right leg forward, coming down into a lunge, then jump into a squat. Next, jump your left leg forward, then jump into a squat. Continue to alternate for 10 reps.

4.    Lateral Lunge to Power Skip

Step out onto right leg as you come into a lunge, then come back to center as you drive your right knee up. Perform 10 times, then switch sides.

5.    180-Degree Medicine Ball Squat Jump

Using a six- to eight-pound medicine ball, squat down and reach the medicine ball to the ground, then jump all the way up. Jump and rotate 180 degrees and repeat. Perform 10 reps.

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