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4 Best Leg Workouts If You Want to See Amazing Results


Try these four different ways of the leg workouts and mix them to your routines.

1.The Warm-Up

1.Body-weight goblet squat with 3-second hold

2 . Hold reverse lunge with hold and reach 3- to 5-second hold, alternating sides

2. The Power Circuit

1 . Goblet squat 8-10 reps

2.Defecit reverse lunge 10 reps per side

3 . Dumbbell step-up 10 reps per side

4 . Single-leg pull-through 12-15 reps per side

3.The Strengthen Set

1 .Goblet squa t 2 reps, 3 reps, 5 reps, 10 reps (10-second rest between each mini set)

2. Defecit reverse lunge 10 reps per side.

4.The Extra Credit

1.Pull-through as many reps as possible

Add in any of these aerobic workouts once or twice a week for even better results.

5.Hike Up A Hill

Walking on an incline increases activation of pretty much every muscle in your legs.

6.Carry Something

Walking with a heavy object in one hand to stress your bottom half and sculpt flatter abs

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