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How to get stronger by muscle building ?

How the Muscle Grows?

Muscle is consisted of many muscle fibers. The strength training will tear the muscle fibers. When we take in enough nutrient, the muscle fibers would recover during the rest time. Thus, in order to prevent be tore again, our muscle would achieve the over-recovery which make our muscle much stronger than before.

Muscle building is the progress of muscle fibers thickening.

So, if you want to be stronger by muscle building, you need:

1. Suitable muscle tearing training

2. Enough food take-in for recovery of your muscle fibers

3. Enough rest

How to Train for Muscle Building

1. You should enhance your intensity gradually in the premise of standard movements.

You can’t build muscle only by sweating, you should pay attention to the high intensity training. Only when your body can’t adapt to high intensity training can your muscle be tore. You should enhance your intensity gradually in the premise of standard movements.

For example, if you can only accomplish 6 push-ups at one time, you should try to accomplish 8-10 push-ups per group in your training.

2. Focus on big muscle crowd, train for more composite movements

The big muscle crowd (chest, back and hips) composite exercises can activate more muscle to take part in your training. It means your muscle can be trained more effectively. What’s more, your confidence will be enhanced by its quick effectiveness.

If you can go to the gym, you can do more composite training like squat and deadlift. If you can only do your training at home, you should do more composite movements like push-up and squat.

How to Eat During Muscle Building Training?

By reasonable training, you should supply enough ingredients for the muscle fiber recovery. The muscle building is to make your in-take > your consumption, or make the surplus energy. The principle during muscle building is “do not let yourself feel hungry!”

Take in enough calories

You can add 300-500 Kcals per day on the base of your daily in-take before ( such as eat one more piece of bread than before or add a meal before your sleep). Adjust your calories in-take level by periodical weight measurement. 

Take in enough protein

Protein is necessary to muscle growing. So how much is enough for it? The answer is depend on your weight, 2 grams protein is enough for 1 kg weight. So you can calculate accurate data by your own weight.

For example, if your weight is 75kg, in order to guarantee the building of your muscle, you should take in 150g protein every day. A piece of chicken chest include about 30g protein, so you should take in at least 5 pieces of chicken chest per day. 

Tips, Excellent protein sources: beef, chicken chest, fish, eggs, cheese, beans, tofu, protein powder

Eat small meals

Even if you try hard to take more food in three meals, the nutrient and energy are limited. What’s more, skinny people usually do not have good appetite. So for the redundancy of calories, you should eat small meals but add the times of your eating. You can eat extra meals like a bottle of yogurt or an egg before you take the formal meals.

How to Rest During Muscle Building Period?

At most of time, your muscle grow during the rest time, so you should keep 7-8 hours’ sleep, Stay up late at night would do harm to your muscle growing and your training condition next day.

If you couldn’t sleep for a long time, take a rest in the noon is a good choice!

Free Muscle Building Workouts

How to use it ?

Our Muscle Building Workouts category including Chest, Leg, Back, Arm, Shoulder.

1. Choose one category workout to do everyday. ("warm up" is necessary whichever workout you choose)

2. Make sure your muscle have rest at least 24 - 36 hours, then you can repeat it. For example, if you choose Chest Workouts in day 1, you should choose other workouts (Leg, Back, Arm, Shoulder) in day 2. Then can you choose Chest Workouts in day 3 if you like.

2. Do "Warm Up" Workout first before you do every workout.

3. Make sure your body have a rest for 1 or 2 days a week.

Cheast -  No Equipment

Chest Primary

Chest Intermediate

Chest Advanced 

Leg  No Equipment

Leg Primary 

Leg Intermediate 

Leg Advanced 

Shoulder and Back  No Equipment

Shoulder and Back Primary 

Shoulder and Back Intermediate 

Shoulder and Back Advanced 

Arm -  Dumbbell

Dumbbell Home Arm Primary 

Dumbbell Home Arm Intermediate 

Dumbbell Home Arm Advanced 

Back -  Dumbbell

Dumbbell Home Back Primary 

Dumbbell Home Back Intermediate 

Dumbbell Home Back Advanced 

Shoulder  Dumbbell

Dumbbell Home Shoulder Primary 

Dumbbell Home Shoulder Intermediate 

Dumbbell Home Shoulder Advanced 

Leg -  Dumbbell

Dumbbell Home Leg 

Abs -  Dumbbell

Dumbbell Home Abs 


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